SKODA Superb S for just £18,995!

March 2, 2018

Yes, you read that right. A SKODA Superb, for £18,995. This car has won an abundance of awards and is consistently bestowed with praise from the country’s motoring press. The long running SKODA limousine offers levels of practicality and comfort that are only usually found in cars more than double the price.

There’s some rather ‘superb’ (sorry, it was unavoidable!) news if you’re looking to buy your new “18 registered” Superb using SKODA Solutions finance, as you’ll receive an INCREDIBLE £4,000 towards your finance deposit.

So for an award winning, brand new, ’18 registered’ 5 door super saloon, you’ll only have to finance £14,995 (that doesn’t even take in to account any deposit in the form of a part exchange you may have)! That’s less than a SKODA Rapid!

This could be the Superb (sorry, did it again) start to 2018 you were looking for!

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